RDA Spring Charrette: Nexus – Activate Commerce

CONTENT's Marcel Merwin recently participated in the RDA Spring Charrette: Nexus – Activate Commerce. Marcel joined Kelsey Walker, Grant Paterson, Claire Elestwani to present their vision for the Meat Packing Building site along downtown Houston's Commerce street and Buffalo Bayou: 

Big Steps proposes a new Downtown center that foregrounds Houston's future multi-modal transportation needs. Located at the epicenter of Houston's metro systems, economic corridors, and burgeoning downtown neighborhood, the site has the opportunity to produce the needs of each of these crucial elements. Big Steps is designed around a tripartite system. A winding pathway provides ADA and bike connections from downtown to the Buffalo Bayou Trail, a grand staircase connects and provides 24/7 public space for gathering and connection, and a stacked building produces the commercial and transportation needs for the site. Flood-sympathetic programming fills the below-street level floors while office and transitory commercial infill is located above the floodplain. A bike parking garage is located at bayou level, while showers and lockers are located above next to a bike repair shop providing infrastructure for the continuing growth of multi-modal transport in Houston. Big Steps continues the necessary motion towards a competitive future that provides alternatives to the existing status quo.

 Big Steps took home honorable mention! 

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